Detox: One Size Does Not Fit All

Detox: One Size Does Not Fit All
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It was sometime after the holiday season this year that I started feeling a little, um, jiggly? And slow. And tired. And kind of, how does one say this politely? Backed up.

I’m not a health expert, and although I eat pretty well, I tend to be unbalanced. Seriously, one summer I ate nothing but pico de gallo. Every day, all day long.

So, I started looking into fasts and detoxes. I asked friends if they had any experiences they would share. My ex-boyfriend told me that he was super into trying a clay detox. Not like, go to a spa and get covered in some sort of magical, mysterious earth mixture dug up from sacred lands by glittery elves, but eat clay and wait for it to plunge you from the inside out. I listened, but the entire time I was thinking back to kindergarten. I remember sitting at a short-legged round table with five or six other kids. The little girl directly across from me was crying. Tears streamed down her face and her mouth hung open in mid sob. Little white…………… continues on Metroland

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